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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

How is wine manufactured?

For years, people have been manufacturing wine. At its most basic level, Wine production is a natural process that requires very little human involvement. Mother Nature supplies everything needed to produce wine; it is up to people to enhance, develop, or destroy what she has provided, as anybody who has had a significant wine tasting experience will confirm. Without a doubt, there will be several departures and modifications along the road. Harvesting, crushing and pressing, fermentation, clarifying, and finally ageing and bottling are the five main phases or procedures in the production of wine. Variations and minor variations at any step in the process are what keep life fascinating. They also distinguish each wine and, as a result, add to the grandeur or ignominy of every given wine. With one difference, the processes for producing white and red wine are nearly identical.  Harvesting , sometimes known as plucking, is the first stage in the winemaking process. To make good win