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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Patent for Food or Recipe

  Foods and recipes can be patented under Patent Class 426. This rule applies to foods and edible items. Food is considered a composition of matter under the law, making it one of the patentable categories. An innovator can come up with a novel composition that uniquely changes the structure. To put it another way, a chef may demonstrate originality by creating a recipe that no one has ever tried. The criteria for patents 1. It must not be self-evident to a non-specialist in the field: This indicates that a typical chef would need assistance making the same meal or recipe using the same materials. 35 U.S.C. 103 contains the standards for fulfilling the non-obvious criteria. The Supreme Court's 1966 decision in Graham v. John Deere is the applicable court case that puts this statute to the test. 2. It needs to be unique: Proving newness is one of the most crucial prerequisites for an invention. The patent application procedure has a common-sense component to it. Any invent
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