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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Plant-Based Protein Ingredients To Create Major Disruptions In Food Trend By 2027

  The improved awareness among consumers regarding what they eat and their food origins has become a vital cause for concern. Many individuals have switched their preference to plant-based diets in recent times, seeing the negative impact it has on the environment and the overall food chain. Plant proteins have constituted a higher proportion of human nourishment in recent years.  The boom for plant-based food ingredients has reached a high in recent years with no intention of dissipating anytime soon. Many experts are looking to plant-based protein ingredients for meeting food requirements in the future and aid in reducing the global hunger problem. Global Eating Patterns To Turn A Green Leaf The popularity of plant-based proteins has caused nothing short of a global phenomenon by popping up on menus at fast-food restaurants across the country, selling extremely well at grocery stores, and all the while earning millions of investor dollars. However, some companies are carrying out pro
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