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Different Types Of Poly Bags And What Are Side Weld Poly Bags

Poly bags are among the most common applications for poly sheeting. They can be used for a variety of things, including food packaging, small parts, and construction materials. Side Weld bags are created by stretching sheets of film to the specified length, then cutting and sealing them together to create a pouch. Polyethylene and polypropylene are the two most prevalent poly bag materials. Polyethylene is the more popular of the two due to its versatility. Polyethylene bags come in a variety of densities, each with its own set of qualities, strengths, and applications. Polypropylene is also prized for its tensile strength and clarity. Let's look at the five most frequent forms of poly bags created from these two materials. Bottom Seal Poly Bags Bags with a bottom seal are seamless on the sides, have a top hole, and are sealed at the bottom. For heavy-duty applications, bottom seal bags are employed. They can be built to exact measurements, using high-quality materials and a wide
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