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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Whole grain-based Healthier Product Development

  What is Whole Grain? According to the Health grain European Union Project, whole Grain defined as “Whole grains shall consist of the intact, ground, cracked, or flaked kernel after the removal of inedible parts, such as the hull and husk. The principal anatomical components – the starchy endosperm (the largest part of the kernel whichground to make white flour), germ (the tiniest part of the kernel) and bran (the hard-outer covering)– are present in the same relative proportion as those which exist in the intact kernel”. According to the FDA, whole grain foods as food that contains 51 percent or whole-grain ingredient(s) by weight per reference amount customarily consumed (RACC). Whole wheat contains 11 grams of dietary fibre per 100grams. Thus, the qualifying amount of dietary fibre required for a food to bear the prospective claim could be determined by the following formula: 11grams x 51% x RACC/100. Whole grain ingredients Mayor May not be Whole grain ing

Devotion in development of Cultured Meat

If you want to know about devotion in the development of cultured meat, you are in the right place.   Because of eliminating the need to raise animals to reduce the environmental impact, cultured meat is fast becoming the best alternative forprotein products worldwide.    Also, the recent bird to human transmitted SARS-CoV-2 creating havoc globally to kill millions and bring the economy to its lowest levels. The awareness of food safety is on the rise.   It is the reason that the experts confirm the global cultural meat market size is to skyrocket at a CAGR of 95.8% from 2021 to 2030 from a mere 1.64   to 2788.1 million US dollars(1).   Hence with such rapid growth , check out the many devotional practices of eating meat with cultural meat.   Devotion for Eating Meat Devotion for eating meat is there for a long time for Muslims, Jews, and Hindus worldwide. The Quran specifies Muslims to eat only halal meat.   So is the Kosher food that follows the Jewish dietary law of Kashrut

DIABETIC FRIENDLY KIT FORMULATION - The Healthier Food Kits for Hospitals and Clinics

Certain long-term (chronic) illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, may be prevented by eating a balanced diet. It may also assist you in maintaining a healthy weight while decreasing your risk of developing certain cancers. The fundamentals of a healthy diet are described in this article. Diabetic Kit Formulation When you think of type 2 diabetes, you also need to think about the amount of carbs, calories, and sodium in prepacked meals, as they can have a tendency to be higher in sugar and salt. Beside quantity, you also need to look at the good quality carb intake. Quick premade meals can be helpful for people with busy schedules as it provides fairly decent quality ingredients that are premeasured, which help with portion control. Several diabetes-friendly options, such as low carb, plant-based, paleo, and keto meals all these dietary pattern promotes healthy blood sugar management. The meal should be considered on the following  criteria Nutrient density – made

Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Developing a food product entails more than just perfecting a recipe. To create new food items, companies must plan carefully, labor diligently, and do significant research over a long period. It is critical to set precise targets and timelines that integrate the firm's future direction before beginning a new development endeavor.  Companies create new products to attract new consumers, expand into new geographic areas, boost profitability, raise brand awareness, or increase market share. Every day, a slew of new food products enter the market, vying for consumer attention. The following are some of the reasons behind the development of new food products : 1. New inventions 2. A customer's demand (Change of lifestyle, healthy living) 3. Current market loss 4. Market compulsion   There are several phases involved in creating and launching a new product in any sector.   Process of Creating Food Products   1. Generating and screening ideas An idea that has the p

Insights on Alternative Protein Market Growth

  COVID-19 is delivering an unexpected boost to the alternative protein market. Despite the fact that COVID-19 is unrelated to livestock, the pandemic heightened public awareness of zoonotic viral illnesses, the risk of which can also be linked to livestock. Because it contains an abundance of macronutrients, micronutrients, and antioxidants, an alternate protein-based diet can help decrease the virus's impact on at-risk persons. From a manufacturing and distribution standpoint, this business has seen extraordinary demand from manufacturers and consumers, especially for certain items like meat analogue and plant-based milk.    Alternative proteins are produced with less reliance on labour, making them less vulnerable to staffing shortages than red meat, which requires a lot of it. Due to the pandemic, some best practise models for the alternative protein business that were previously overly restrictive during the outbreak have been temporarily relaxed. Certain governments have s
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