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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Sugar Can Be Made More Appealing To Consumers In New Packaging

  In order to promote product differentiation, the Azucarera firm successfully launched a redesigned sugar container in 2007. The goal was to examine the evaluation of the package qualities that add value to the product, the intention to buy, and the readiness to pay a premium for the new packaging compared to the original one twelve years after it was launched. The findings showed that consumers were not only eager to buy the new package but also willing to pay a price premium over the traditional packaging.  In the present day health conscious market, sugar can marketing is an uphill battle. Though consumers are gravitating towards sugar laden foods without even realising in some cases, they are taking a lot into consideration before buying sugar in the raw form. The sugar bag market is therefore investing heavily in innovative packaging approaches to make sugar more appealing and adding ease of use as a feature in sugar packaging. According to Reports and Data, the sugar market siz
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