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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Frozen Foods Are Rising Above Their Bad Rap

Since the middle of the past century, frozen food has been a popular item on grocery lists due to the ease it offers. However, as reports regarding the health risks of processed meals have become more widely publicised, more individuals have decided to reject not only TV dinners, but all frozen foods. It's important to make health-conscious choices when it comes to diet, yet many individuals make these decisions based on misunderstandings about how frozen foods are created. Preparation When we think of factory-produced food, substandard ingredients being cooked with too many preservatives, sugar and sodium comes to mind. This isn't the case at all. In case of frozen fruits and vegetables, freshness is maximised by picking vegetables and fruits as soon as they're ripe and freezing them within hours of harvesting. Fruits are washed, while meats are defatted and placed in premeasured trays before being cooked. Meals are sent down conveyers and fed through tanks intended to