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Process and Stages of Food Product Development

Tea vs Coffee – What is Better for you.

For many , coffee and tea are most essential drinks to keep their bodies functioning. They get into an addiction that has no stopping. Both coffee and tea are extremely addictive and delicious. Although coffee is the preferred drink of people of the working class but tea is the top option for many homeowners. The majority of people cannot imagine their morning or evenings without these drinks. From the youngest to the older seniors, everyone enjoys with these drinks. There is a similarity?  Have you ever thought about which is better for you? Also, which is the largest coffee producing state in india ? It's not possible to judge the individual preferences of individuals however we can certainly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of coffee vs tea. Both provide similar health benefits, however they do are different however. Many studies have shown that tea is effective in curing certain serious diseases as well. While coffee is great for skin. Below is a look at the two bevera

This Autumn Season Try These Medhurst Wine Varietals

  Ross and Robyn Wilson’s shared vision to make wines from their Yarra Valley property led to the birth of Medhurst Wines. After spending years looking for a perfect site, they ended up finalising Yarra Valley to be their place of work. The nostalgic reference of this place to Robyn as she spent her childhood here and the Australian and international status of this excellent cool climate wine region helped make their decision. The favourable microclimate, north-facing slopes, good drainage and magnificent aspects of the vineyard make it a perfect place for winemaking. Each Medhurst wine reflects the  qualities of the site and variety from which it is made and the season in which it is grown.  Some of the Medhurst wines to try this autumn season are: Medhurst Chardonnay Yarra Valley 2018 The grapes used to create Medhurst Chardonnay were handpicked, chilled and then a whole bunch pressed. The wine presents a pale straw hue with bright green tinges. The luxurious bouquet exudes grapefru
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