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Process and Stages of Food Product Development


  INTRODUCTION Although sweets can alter your blood sugar and a high-sugar diet can raise your risk of diabetes, many other variables influence diabetes development, including genetics and lifestyle. If you have increased blood sugar levels, prediabetes, or diabetes, you must carefully regulate your carbohydrate consumption. This is because carbs cause blood sugar levels to rise.   You don't have to give up dessert because you have diabetes. You can satisfy your sweet taste without raising your blood sugar with a few simple modifications and diabetes-friendly dessert recipes. Desserts may appear off-limits due to their high sugar content, but keep in mind that the overall quantity of carbs in a meal or snack matters more to persons with diabetes than the total sugar. That means you can still have dessert if you make a few changes to your diet. Here are some dessert rules and some of our favourite desserts that fit within a diabetes-friendly diet before you head to the kit
Long Banana