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This Autumn Season Try These Medhurst Wine Varietals

 Ross and Robyn Wilson’s shared vision to make wines from their Yarra Valley property led to the birth of Medhurst Wines. After spending years looking for a perfect site, they ended up finalising Yarra Valley to be their place of work. The nostalgic reference of this place to Robyn as she spent her childhood here and the Australian and international status of this excellent cool climate wine region helped make their decision.

The favourable microclimate, north-facing slopes, good drainage and magnificent aspects of the vineyard make it a perfect place for winemaking. Each Medhurst wine reflects the  qualities of the site and variety from which it is made and the season in which it is grown.  Some of the Medhurst wines to try this autumn season are:

Medhurst Chardonnay Yarra Valley 2018

The grapes used to create Medhurst Chardonnay were handpicked, chilled and then a whole bunch pressed. The wine presents a pale straw hue with bright green tinges. The luxurious bouquet exudes grapefruit and stone fruit aromas, coupled with flinty, mealy undertones. These fragrances effortlessly shift to the poised and powerful palate containing luscious fruit flavours. This refreshing Chardonnay ends in a long and lively finish. It can be cellared for a few years from vintage, drinking best with King George whiting fish, and crunchy kipfler potatoes. 

Medhurst Estate Vineyard Rosé Yarra Valley 2020

This dazzling Rosé from Medhurst is a stylish blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with 40% Shiraz grapes. The resulting wine features a pale copper hue with a bright salmon haze. Fresh aromas of raspberry, strawberry and citrus fuse with light suggestions of fennel and white jasmine blossom to flaunt an attractive bouquet. These magnificent characters make way for a refined and savoury palate to provide a supple and creamy texture. The finale is delicate and refreshing, marked by chalky and phenolic nuances. This fantastic Medhurst Estate Vineyard Rosé tastes excellent on its own or can be enjoyed with grilled sausages, prosciutto or fried fish.

Medhurst Pinot Noir Yarra Valley 2021

Medhurst Pinot Noir showcases a bright ruby red colour accompanied by a beautiful crimson rim. The perfumed nose emanates pleasing scents of red cherries, five-spice and florals. A sip of the wine offers enticing red fruit flavours. Fine and slinky tannins combine with these lovely flavours and fragrances to offer an energetic mouthfeel, leading this delicious Pinot to a clean and fruit-driven finale. Made for consumption upon release, this magnificent red wine can also be cellared for a few years from vintage. Drink it with beef Bourguignon, bacon stuffed mushrooms, and Brie cheese. 

Medhurst Estate Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Yarra Valley 2016 

This wine displays a bright purple colour with violet hues highlighting the edges. This dazzling Cabernet offers wonderful aromas of cassis, cedar and cigar box from its perfumed nose. These fragrances combine with enticing fruit flavours on the long palate, ending the wine in a firm and captivating finish marked by soft tannins. It tastes amazing with rib eye roast and sharp Cheddar cheese.

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